TriVita Nopalea Reviews

TriVita Nopalea ReviewsWhen I first came across TriVita Nopalea, I was looking for nutritional products that could help me with some health challenges I had experienced for many years. Having been burned in the past, I am very skeptical when it comes to nutritional product company claims about pills and potions that can cure disease.

Although I did find plenty of positive testimonials about the Trivita products, refreshingly enough the TriVita site seemed to take an honest approach to presenting their products.

Impressed by the information on their site, I set about researching the company. I soon found that TriVita Nopalea and their other vitamins are made using extremely strict quality controls which are known as “Good Manufacturing Practices” (GMP) in the nutritional supplement industry.

And according to the TriVita vitamins website, their vitamins are created based on the latest research in disease prevention, as well as recent breakthroughs in alternative medicine and nutrition.

After researching the company, I decided to give the TriVita Nopalea and Sublingual B12 products a shot. The way I figured it, I was already taking supplements that were similar to many of their most popular formulas…

Unfortunately, I had to purchase a lot of the same ingredients in separate products, since I couldn’t find nutritional supplements that matched the supplement combinations I was taking everyday.

By taking TriVita products, at the very least I’d be saving myself some money and time (since I have a chronic health condition, convenience is a big factor for me – if I can find ways to make taking care of my health easier and simpler, I’m all for it.)

Well, it turns out that I liked the supplements so much, I became an affiliate. :)

And that’s how this site came about, as a way for me to share what I’ve found to be a great line of health and wellness products with other people.

I know trust is a big issue when you’re researching nutritional products. I’ve been burned enough times while looking for something to help me with my own health issues that I would never betray my readers’ trust.

So, I want you to know that I don’t recommend things I don’t like and use. And, if you read a review on this site, I want you to know it’s my honest opinion about the product, including both the good and bad of each product as I see it.

If you have any questions about the TriVita products, or if you’d like to know how to become an affiliate, feel free to contact me at info ( a t )


Michael Massie
TriVita Affiliate Member #13389884

P.S. – An “affiliate” is someone who markets a product or service online who is paid a commission for sharing that product or service with others. Honest affiliates are transparent about their relationship with the companies they represent. I’ve been involved in marketing on the internet since 2001 through running my own e-commerce sites, and I’d like to ask you to beware of “fake” blogs and other websites that market questionable products under the premise of innocence. Scam artists are everywhere on the internet. Stay smart!


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Nopolea, Nopalea… It Still Works Great!

Whether You Call It Nopolea or Nopalea – It Still Works!

NopoleaNopolea (Nopalea) is a drink made from the nopal cactus fruit by Trivita. You may have seen this product advertised online, or caught one of the infomercials airing on T.V.

So, what’s Nopalea for? According to the company, Nopolea is a wellness drink that may help in:

  • Relieving pain
  • Improving breathing
  • Reducing swelling in joints

Apparently, Nopalea works by reducing inflammation and helping the body to detoxify through it’s unique ingredient, betalains.

Betalains (bay´ta lins) belong to a unique type of antioxidants that are found in the fruit of the Nopal cactus. Nopalea™ contains extracted nopal cactus fruit and along with the Betalains in the juice.

According to the company, “These Betalains have been scientifically proven, in hundreds of studies, to help the body detoxify itself and reduce inflammation.”

How Betalains in Nopolea Help Fight Inflammation

Betalains are actually the pigmentation that gives the Nopal cactus fruit that beautiful pink hue. In addition, they also possess potent antioxidant properties, yet they’re only found in a few species of plants around the world. Among plants that contain this pigment, the nopal cactus fruit has the largest amount of Betalains among any of the plants yet known to contain this substance.

By drinking Nopolea, betalains enter your body and start to revitalize your cells deep within your tissues. This happens through the antioxidant properties, which helps to reduce cellular toxicity. This in turn lets more nutrients reach each cell and may help your cells function better.

This results in cells that are healthier, which in turn may help reduce or prevent chronic diseases that are caused by cellular inflammation.

Does Nopolea Work?

In my opinion, yes. In my own experience with taking it, along with Trivita Energy Now and Sublingual B12, I believe it to be a potent supplement for reducing inflammation.

As someone with a chronic inflammatory disease, I have learned that following a strict nutritional and supplement regime helps me manage my chronic inflammation and pain. Without following a strict low inflammation diet and taking powerful antioxidant supplements daily, I am unable to function.

Yet, when I stick with my diet and supplement routine (of which Nopolea and other Trivita products play a large role) I can still exercise and do martial arts, which is something I never thought I’d be able to do again just a few years ago.

Try Nopolea for yourself risk-free and see the difference it will make in your health!


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Nopalea Scam?

My Experience With the Nopalea Scam

I’ve noticed that lots of people are searching online for information regarding some Nopalea scam. Since I have plenty of personal experience in dealing with health supplement scams, I thought I’d weigh in with my own personal opinions after using Trivita Nopalea.

About eight years ago I started having some health issues that affected my quality of life. Although my issues weren’t life-threatening by any stretch, they were life-altering. I found I was so fatigued I had to sleep 14 hours a day. I’d go to work tired, come home tired, fall asleep tired, and wake up tired. I had zero energy, even for the simplest activities.

Not only that, but a few years after that I started having problems with joint swelling and inflammation. Now, this wasn’t your run of the mill joint problems that come with aging. This was major pain, swelling, and chronic inflammation of the sort that makes it painful to move.

After being misdiagnosed for a few years, I finally found out what was wrong – but I also found out that my doctors could only prescribe medications to relieve the symptoms. And, those drugs came with potentially harmful side effects that I didn’t care to risk. So, I began searching for natural ways to manage my symptoms and improve my level of wellness.

Naturally, I tried numerous juices that were purported to help alleviate pain and inflammation. None of them helped, not one, and I pretty much gave up on those sorts of products, turning instead to herbal remedies.

Actually, that’s how I came across TriVita. I was taking a bunch of herbs for inflammation, and found that their joint supplement had them all in one pill. So, I started taking it, and after reading some of the testimonials on Nopalea I thought it might be worth a shot.

And At First, I Thought It Was A Nopalea Scam

When I first started taking it, I didn’t notice a difference. I think that’s where a lot of the TriVita scam talk comes from. People like me start off taking just an ounce or two a day. That didn’t work for me, and it wasn’t until I tried doing the whole loading dose phase that I noticed a difference.

For one, I noticed I started sleeping better, and my joint pain wasn’t as bad as before. Now, I didn’t have a miraculous response like some of the people I’ve heard about, but it was noticeable. Remember, this was after doing the loading dose, not when I was taking just an ounce or two a day.

So, Is It A Nopalea Scam?

So, is Nopalea a scam? I believe it really works, based on my own personal experience. And, while I can’t promise you’ll get the same results I got from taking it, what I can say is that it’s worth a shot. Try it for a month, follow the instructions for doing the loading phase, then see if it works.

If it doesn’t help you, you can simply return your unused portion and get your money back from TriVita. So, there’s nothing to lose.

Click here to order Nopalea

Really, there’s only one way to find out if it will work for you. I say try it for yourself first and then see what you think. You may end up changing your mind about the so-called Nopalea scam once you really try the product.
Nopalea scam

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Sublingual B12 and Energy Now

My Experience With TriVita Sublingual B12 and Energy Now

sublingual B12Sublingual B12 has long been a favorite among natural energy supplements for people who take vitamins. I have actually taken a liquid version that I got from my local grocer for years, and would squirt it under my tongue before workouts or when I was feeling low on energy.

However, a few years back I was diagnosed with a chronic illness that lists fatigue as one of its many symptoms. So, after a couple of years of struggling through each day I decided to get serious about a nutrition and supplement regimen to provide me with more energy.

To be honest, the liquid sublingual B12 I had always taken wasn’t doing much anymore, and I had tried stimulant-based energy products which worked for a few days then left me drained and miserable.

That’s why I decided to try TriVita Sublingual B12 and “Energy Now!”, which the company bundles together as their “Two-Step Energy System”. Here’s what the company site has to say about these two products:

Our Two-Step Energy System includes:

  1. Sublingual B12, B-6 & Folic Acid – it helps to improve your mental focus, alertness, cognitive function and mood while providing mental energy that lasts and lasts.
  2. Energy Now!® – it contains thiamin and amino acids which are responsible for stimulating natural energy-producers in our cells. Plus green tea gives us a big boost!

Now, I’m not a huge fan of hyperbole and hype when talking about supplements and nutrition, so I’ll tell you exactly what I experience from taking these two products.

First off, I’ve been taking them for over a year on and off, and now I order them on my autoship each month. The pack costs me about $40 a month, and I think it’s well worth it.

Why I Take Sublingual B12 From TriVita Every Day

  • When I take it, I have plenty of energy to get me through the day. I’m not saying I’m bouncing off the walls, but I do just fine and don’t feel like I need a nap all day.
  • But when I don’t take it, however, I definitely feel like I’m dragging all day long (I forgot to take it this morning in fact, and I’m a little tired right now as I’m writing this – fatigue is now my cue to take Sublingual B12).

Other Things To Consider About Sublingual B12

Sublingual B12 is absorbed through the thin layers of skin under the tongue, so it bypasses the stomach keeping most of it intact and shuttling it directly into the bloodstream. That’s why I think it’s better than swallowing a b-complex pill, since you don’t know how much of that is getting destroyed by your digestive acids.

Also, it seems to work a lot faster. And, these products don’t have a ton of niacin, which can cause uncomfortable skin flushing. Energy Now has a little, but it’s not enough to cause a niacin flush, which is good news if niacin causes your skin to itch when you take it.

Finally, if you have been told you have a vitamin B12 deficiency, this is a great way to get it without getting shots (but first talk to your doctor to see if he or she approves of you taking it).

Overall, these two products are an excellent way to help your body increase your energy levels naturally. In my opinion, anyone who wants more energy should take TriVita Super Sublingual B12 and Energy Now on a daily basis.

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Dr. Oz Vitamins – His Top Recommendations

Dr Oz Vitamins – Four Crucial Supplements For Women Over the Age of 40

When most people think of Dr Oz vitamins are one of the first things that come to mind. The famed physician, author, and talk show host is known to be an outspoken advocate of vitamin supplementation for improving women’s health.

Recently on his show, he shared the top four supplements he takes every day, and that he believes every woman over 40 should take. As Dr. Oz puts it, “It’s my ultimate checklist for supplements you shouldn’t live without.” And what are these supplements that Oz says are those most important to a person’s health?

Note: Although there is no “Dr Oz Vitamins” brand, and although Dr. Oz does not endorse any specific brand of vitamins, the following are the top four supplements he publicly states that he takes in some form daily.

Dr Oz Vitamins Ultimate Checklist

According to Dr Oz vitamins and supplements are crucial to our health. The following are, according to Dr Oz, vitamins no woman over 40 should live without:

#1: A Multi-vitamin. Dr. Oz says, “This supplement helps prevent heart disease, breast cancer, and colon cancer.” He recommends looking for a multivitamin with no iron, and also says to be sure to take it daily with a meal, half in the morning, and half at night.

#2: Calcium. “This supplement is necessary for your muscles, your bones, and your teeth,” says Oz. He recommends taking a calcium supplement with magnesium for optimal absorption. He also recommends a daily dose of 600mg. of calcium, along with 400 mg. magnesium, with a full glass of water. Be advised; Oz says calcium can block the absorption of other pills, so avoid it within two hours of taking other supplements or medications.

#3: Vitamin D. “It prevents everything from diabetes to breast cancer. It helps the body absorb calcium, and it’s key to our immune system, our blood vessels, our muscles, and nervous system.” According to Oz, you should be taking 1,000 IU daily. He also says to check your blood level after you’ve been on 1,000 IU daily for a while, in order to ensure you are not getting too much vitamin D in your system.

#4: Fish Oil. “The ones I care about the most are DHA and EPA. These are good for the brain and for the heart, they reduce inflammation in the arteries, they lower the risk of heart attack, it’s also associated with a 32% reduction in breast cancer.” Dr. Oz recommends 600mg of DHA Omega-3. He says to take it with breakfast, since taking it with food makes it easier to take and helps eliminate the fishy after-taste.

And there you have it, four vitamin supplements that receive the highest recommendation from the famed Dr Oz. These are vitamins that he says he personally takes daily. According to Dr Oz vitamins and supplements are essential to our optimum health, and I for one certainly agree with him.

TriVita Business – Just Do It!

Should You Do The TriVita Business?

Since I started doing the Trivita business, people are always asking me, “Should I do it?”

My answer is always fairly straightforward and simple, because I pose it in a series of simple questions that reveal how uncomplicated being a Trivita business affiliate really is.

How To Tell If You’re Suited For The TriVita Business

Here are the three questions I ask:

  1. “Do you currently take vitamin supplements, or are you planning to start taking vitamin supplements?”
  2. “Is there a product in the Trivita lineup that could replace a current product you take? Or, is there a Trivita product that interests you?”
  3. And finally, “If you honestly felt that a nutritional product improved your quality of life, would you be willing to tell other people about that product?”

If you answered “Yes!” to the questions above, congratulations – you are perfectly suited to the TriVita business opportunity.

Here’s why:

  • Since it costs nothing to become a TriVita business affiliate, if you replace something you’re already taking (or plan to buy) with a TriVita supplement, then it really costs you zero to be a TriVita affiliate.
  • And, since you already tell people about products and services you like, once you experience the benefits the TriVita products provide it only makes sense that you make extra money by sharing them.

Why I Love The TriVita Business

I started taking the TriVita products because I wanted to improve my health and my quality of life. I was so impressed with the formulations and the benefits I got from taking them, I joined the TriVita business.

Now, my TriVita business is growing by leaps and bounds, and I am enjoying the financial benefits of TriVita as well. This includes:

  • Low overhead (almost nothing, since I take vitamins anyway and only have to order $40 a month to get paid commissions),
  • Great affiliate commissions (30% on the full order amount for the first 90 days, then 21% after),
  • Discounts on my own orders,
  • And, the ability to work when I want, from where I want, as much or as little as I want (some days I do a lot, some days, nothing at all).

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, click here to become an affiliate member and join the TriVita business today!

Flaxseed Oil vs Fish Oil

Flaxseed Oil vs Fish Oil… Which One Is Best?

The old “flaxseed oil vs fish oil” controversy is something that concerns many people. Is fish oil better? Is flaxseed oil healthier? Which should you choose?

Of course, fish oil is full of healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, including EPA, and DHA. However, fish oils are lacking in ALA, which is found in botanical (plant) sources such as flaxseed oil and perilla oil.

In fact, flax is said to contain six times the potency of Omega-3 fatty acids. Unfortunately, flax only contains ALA, and is lacking in the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA.

Functions of Flaxseed Oil vs Fish Oil

Basically, EPA and DHA do all the heavy lifting when it comes to the anti-inflammatory benefits of taking Omega-3 fatty acids. However, since the body cannot produce it’s own Omega-3 fatty acids (essential fatty acids or EFAs as they are sometimes called), it is important to get ALA in the diet, because the body can convert it to DHA and EPA.

Following me so far? Yep, all those three-letter abbreviations are confusing to me too. The big question when it comes to flaxseed oil vs fish oil is not only what you take, but which and in what amounts. As someone with a chronic inflammatory disease, this is of extreme interest to me, since taking EFAs has been shown to have tremendous anti-inflammatory benefits.

Thanks to the people at TriVita, I don’t have to think about it – I just need to take one supplement and I’m done.

Flaxseed Oil vs Fish Oil? No Need To Worry With TriVita Omega Prime

According to the folks over at the TriVita formulation labs, the answer to the controversy over flaxseed oil vs fish oil is, “you take them both”. And, based on what I’ve found in my own research that’s exactly what I decided to do.

And, that’s why I’m glad they’ve included a whole range of healthy oils in their Omega Prime product, including:

  • Fish oil
  • Organic Flaxseed oil
  • Evening Primrose oil
  • Perilla oil
  • and, Vitamin E in the form of d-alpha tocopherol

So, I don’t have to think about it, because it’s all there. Which is great, because when I was taking them separately I found myself taking them in the wrong amounts, or forgetting how much of one type I took. And, those soft gels tend to be pretty big and to only come in one size (1,000 mg.) so I’d end up taking between four and six pills a day just to get it all in.

Now, I take three soft gels and I’m done; one with each meal. They don’t smell bad, which is a plus (although you can freeze your fish oil so you don’t burp that fishy odor – just a tip). And, they’re easy to swallow too.

So, don’t worry about flaxseed oil vs fish oil – just take TriVita Omega Prime and you won’t have to worry about “flaxseed oil vs fish oil” ever again.

For more information, click on the audio link on the Trivita Omega Prime page under “links to more information” as it explains flaxseed oil vs fish oil in greater depth.

TriVita Joint Complex Review

TriVita Joint Complex Review From A Chronic Joint Pain Sufferer

If you’re reading this review of TriVita Joint Complex, chances are good that you suffer from chronic joint pain. Well, so do I, and that’s one of the reasons I decided to try the TriVita products line in the first place.

However, I have become a dyed-in-the-wool skeptic when it comes to products that are for joint pain relief. For years I’ve tried every juice, powder, pill, potion, and lotion I came across, and have been mostly disappointed at the results.

Not so with the TriVita Joint Complex product. In fact, just the opposite; in my opinion it’s one of the few products that actually does what it’s supposed to do. However, don’t expect a completely glowing review here… there are some things I think could be improved upon with this formula, which I’ll get to shortly.

TriVita Joint Complex – A More Complete Joint Supplement

I’ve spent a great deal of time researching joint supplements. That’s because I’ve suffered with chronic joint pain for years, and I also tend to stay up-to-date on different supplements out of sheer professional curiosity.

Out of all the common joint supplement ingredients, only one is widely recognized to be of benefit by most health care professionals; namely glucosamine. However, many people who have joint pain find other ingredients to be of benefit in helping them manage their joint pain. These ingredients include:

  • Chondroitin
  • Turmeric
  • Ginger
  • Chicken Collagen
  • MSM
  • Bromelain
  • Boswellia

And, interestingly enough, the TriVita Joint Complex contains all of the above supplements. So, it’s obvious that the people at TriVita set out to make the most complete joint complex possible. The only major ingredient I would like to see added to the formula is hyaluronic acid, as it’s said to be important to proper joint function. But other than that, I’d say it’s the most complete formula I’ve come across.

TriVita Joint Complex Pros and Cons

Let’s start with the good things about TriVita Joint Complex. First, as I said before, it’s darned complete. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find another joint supplement that has all those ingredients in one pill.

However, that’s also my main grief about this supplement – when you add all those ingredients in one pill, it’s hard to get the accepted therapeutic amounts of certain key ingredients. Most of the studies done on glucosamine have been done with participants taking 1,200 to 1,500 mg a day. TriVita Joint Complex has 250 mg of glucosamine per tablet. That means you have to take five or six a day to get the accepted amount of glucosamine you need to take (according to the most well-known studies).

However, that’s a minor drawback considering the potential benefits of taking all those other supplements in one convenient package. It’s suspected (but not yet proven) that ginger, turmeric, bromelain, and boswellia all have anti-inflammatory effects. My personal experience is that ginger and turmeric are useful in helping me manage my own joint pain. It follows that there may be benefits to taking supplements that help with inflammation as well as the ones that may help the body repair damaged joints.

So, although you will likely need to take more of the TriVita Joint Complex than a stand-alone glucosamine supplement, the good news is that instead of taking four or five different supplements you can take just the TriVita Joint Complex and get all your joint supplements in one product.

My Impression of TriVita Joint Complex

As you might expect, the pills are on the large side; about the same size as a 1,000 mg glucosamine or fish oil tablet or capsule. They also smell strongly of ginger and turmeric; not an unpleasant smell, but a strong one nonetheless.

This may make it difficult or slightly unpleasant for some people to take TriVita Joint Complex. But personally, I have no difficulty taking them.

As for the benefits, I can only report on what I have experienced. And, I do notice a difference in my joint pain when I take this supplement daily. Whether it’s from the purported anti-inflammatory properties of the herbal ingredients, or from the benefits of the glucosamine, I don’t know. What I do know is that TriVita Joint Complex seems to help my joint pain and lessen the discomfort, and that’s good enough for me.

Trivita Sublingual B12 Review

Is TriVita Sublingual B12 Worth A Try?

TriVita Sublingual B12 is one of the company’s long-time flagship products. In fact, for years they’ve run television advertising promoting the product, and it’s one of the first TriVita products that many people are first exposed to.

With the claims on the TriVita website of “over 11 million boxes sold” and all the success stories listed, I decided that I’d have to try this stuff out. So, I ordered a box and gave it a go.

First Impressions of TriVita Sublingual B12

The product itself comes in a blister pack of 30 TriVita sublingual vitamin B12 tablets. Since vitamin B is notoriously sensitive to light and air, this is perhaps the best way to package a B supplement in order to preserve the potency. So, hats off to TriVita for spending extra on the packaging.

The tablets are pinkish in color, and unlike other vitamin B supplements I’ve taken, they lack any distinct or distinguishing smell.

(Note: Vitamin B 12 is manufactured by fermenting bacteria; therefore, it is extremely difficult to find B vitamin supplements that do not have a strong odor. The fact that this product is nearly odorless is a definite benefit if you have a strong nose or weak stomach.)

Since the product is a sublingual B12 tablet, you don’t swallow it; instead, you place the tablet under your tongue and allow it to dissolve. The B12 is then absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the extremely thin mucous membranes under the tongue (blood capillaries are quite close to the tissue surface here). This bypasses the stomach acids, ensuring absorption.

On the first day I took the TriVita sublingual B12 tabs, I woke up feeling fairly groggy and out of sorts. I took a single tablet and placed it under my tongue. The taste was pleasant and not bad at all. After about 30 minutes, I must admit that I noticed an improvement in my energy and mental clarity, but since that could have just been my brain waking up, I kept testing it over the course of the month.

During the following days and weeks, I took the product before working out, in the mid-afternoon (when I get my energy slump), and various other times throughout the day.

A few things I noticed when taking TriVita Sublingual B12:

  • I definitely noticed an improvement in my workouts when I took the product about 15-30 minutes before.
  • I didn’t notice as much of a pick-up in the afternoons as I did in the mornings; why, I have no idea. Still, it did help.
  • It takes about 10 minutes for the TriVita sublingual B12 tablets to dissolve, and I found myself wanting to chew on it at times out of sheer impatience.
  • I also accidentally swallowed it a few times when I was drinking a beverage.
  • So, to get the benefits of the product, make sure you take it after you eat, or when you first wake-up in the AM, and after you’ve taken your other supplements.

I really like this product; my only complaints are that it takes a while to dissolve, which can be inconvenient. However, I think it’s a good choice for people who want a natural boost of additional energy, or a little natural “pick-me-up” every now and again.

Updated Review of Trivita Nopalea Juice

My Impressions of TriVita Nopalea

It’s been over two months since I last updated this blog, because shortly after my last post, we welcomed our new baby boy to the family.

Needless to say, life has been exciting since then, but I’m still taking the TriVita Nopalea juice, and it’s still helping me with my chronic joint inflammation. I’ve even tried going off it a few times (once on purpose, and once because I ran out) and I noticed the difference within a few days each time.

So, my conclusion after being on it for roughly three months is that it has definitely helped me with my own health issues. Also, I’d have to agree with the claims made by Trivita that Nopalea juice helps reduce inflammation in the body.

TriVita Nopalea Pros and Cons

Here’s a quick rundown of what I feel are the benefits and drawbacks of the Sonoran Bloom Trivita Nopalea Juice product:


  • Easy to take; TriVita nopalea juice comes in large 32 ounce bottle (roughly two week’s supply once you finish the loading dose phase) – just drink the recommended amount each day
  • Seems to work relatively quickly (within a few days) after you start the loading dose phase
  • Lots of the main ingredient in this product (nopal concentrate is listed as the second ingredient on the bottle)
  • Lots of other good stuff in the bottle, like grape seed extract, green tea, pomegranate, bilberry, bromelain and papain (two enzymes that are known to reduce inflammation)
  • No risk – Trivita has a 60-day, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee; so, if you don’t feel you received any benefit from the product you can return it for a refund


  • Slightly  bitter aftertaste – not a game-killer, but it’s there; the product is actually very sweet, but the nopal has a funny aftertaste that takes some getting used to
  • The loading dose phase can become quite expensive, since you’re taking about twice the regular dosage for the first week or so; however, once you finish this phase you can take as little or as much as you feel necessary (and if you click the link below and become a member you get a discount on pricing)

All-in-all, I think the Sonoran Bloom Trivita Nopalea Juice is a good product worth trying out.